December 05, 2013

New Original Designs

Candy in a Bowl Necklace

Candy in a Bowl Necklace
with 6mm round swarovski crystals on 16 gauge silver artistic wire, 24 gause rose artistic wire and black leather braided double cord necklace. 20 + inches long

November 13, 2013

Beaded Jewels ~ New Look

Welcome to Beaded Jewels New Look!
I have been debating for long time whether or not I wanted to do all that work...changing every page on the website and also the Blog! I am long not done...but I am getting there.

First of all I wanted to introduce you the a few of the Division's of  Beaded Jewels. There is of course the main site 

I don't know if you new that I also have a Beading Supply Shop which is named Beaded Jewels ~ Beads and Findings is a source to get rare beads and jewelry supply for under wholesale price. It's a Inventory Reduction Jewelry Supply Shop. You will find it here

  Then you already know about Beaded Jewels & Rose Petal Beads by Design which is a partnership division, because Sandy Reynolds makes the awesome hand rolled rose petal beads and now she even carves them into rose blossom beads and I design  and make the jewelry to it. You will find us here at
There are two more divisions which are equally important, which I will tell you more about once I have designed the LOGO. Everything is still a work a progress, however the site is fully functionable. It does take time to do it right and that's what were doing.

I hope you like the new site!
Don't forget to visit!

Best Regards Lexi

September 14, 2013



OMG I don't know what to say but I am FEATURED!!!!!! In fact my purple Tree of Life Pendant is.......
The Theme this week is Refreshing Great Finds .
My listing is up now and will run until next Saturday. You can find it here
There is also a poll where viewers can vote for my amethyst Tree of Life Pendant as your favorite item. 1st place receives a free Listing on The new On Fire Gift Guide and Free ad spot on the On Fire Site
The Poll is at the bottom of the page. 1 vote per computer per IP only is allowed. It will close on Friday Morning next week. There is a badge on the right side of the page for you to advertise that I am being featured! You can grab the code to copy and paste on your blog or sites to let people know I am being featured!

Please Help me this could be potentially big for me! Buy the pendant directly here at
Thank you 

 Beaded Jewels Won 2nd Place !!!!!
Thanks to all who voted for us!!!!!

July 29, 2013

Scarf Jewels by Beaded Jewels

After 30 years scarfs are making a comeback.
Not too long ago I was approached by a customer of mine who wears a lot of scarves due to medical conditions she had to face years ago and is still living with it today! That's how I first  heard about scarf jewelry or  scarf rings. She send me to Ebay to look at some of the designs to get some ideas.
I ask her what the price limit on scarf jewelry should be. At certain shopping sites they want $40.00 for something unatractive, silver plate and designs that are reproduced in multitude.
My customer is looking for something one of a kind and said she would pay up to $60-$65.00 for something truly unique made by me!

What a I put my designer cap on and went to work. I figured it should be totally unique, sturdy, and of course...sparkly.

From a tutorial which I bought and downloaded  I learned the basic steps of wire-weaving. A true designer never copies someone elses idea but takes it to the  next level and make the design their own, by alternating the design or technique. So thats how I came up with the idea to weave swarovski crystals into the wire-weave, which gives it a totally new cool look. Here in the very first try of  Beaded Jewels  Scarf Jewels I used 14 gauge solid copper wire, 24 gauge silver artistic wire

fuchsia swarovski crystals round and bicones, and oval pink magnetite on sterling silver head pins. The opening  for the silk scarf to be pulled through is about 1/2 inch. I made sure that all wire end are neatly tucked away, and the copper wire ends were rounded off.. The scarf can be pulled through the opening without a second thought of getting hung up. On the other designs of Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels I used 14gauge of copper wire and 22 gauge of silver artisic wire. On the second picture is my model Penelope wearing my green silk scarf to the side. On the third picture Penelope wears the second  Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels with the scarf pulled through the opening from both ends......which almost makes it look like a necklace. The third Design of Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels is for those that just need to be noticed plain and simple......not that you will not get noticed with the other ones...believe me you will....but with this third design you will get even more attention. Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels design #3 just sparkles to no end. It is also the biggest one with a total length of 3 inches and a total width of almost 11/2 inches. It is also the most expensive scarf jewel with $110.98. The last one of the Designs from Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels is totally unique as well, because it is made with organic hand rolled fragrant rose petal beads and  from turquoise jasper and round swarovski crytals..
Also I would like to mention, that many women as well as men are diagnosed with throat cancer and thyroid cancer everyday, and are left left with the irreversible fact of a hole in the throat. Therefore Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels are also going to be made in the awareness of burgundy and crystal for throat cancer awareness and  Thyroid Cancer in blue pink and teal.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article about Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels! I hope you enjoyed it!

May 24, 2013

Short Term Layaway Option at Beaded Jewels & Rose Petal Beads by Design

Beaded Jewels & Rose Petal Beads by Design Rose Petal Bead Jewelry Boutique

We now offer you a Short term layaway opti
more info about our Layaway Option you will find here
on our one of a kind handmade beaded Swarovski Crystal Ball Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets and Rings. Inside each sparkly bead-woven Crystal Ball is one of a kind Organic Rose Petal Bead using the petals of roses to create beads which are mixed and rolled by hand. These precious treasured beads are hidden away by our own designs of bead-woven sparkly Swarovski Crystal Balls. We Offer you one of a kind beaded crystal ball earrings, pendants and bracelets and rings. Our Customers can choose either mildly rose oil fragranted beads on non fragrant rose petal beads for there custom made beaded jewelry.

April 09, 2013

5 Years Beaded Jewels

5 Years Beaded Jewels!!!
       Five years ago I was looking at a blank screen ....from a free web builder that I just had down loaded. People kept asking me on craft shows if I had a website. So I decided to build my own website.......without any and no experience. Surely you have heard the saying " Where a will is there is a way".

I was burned out from all the craft shows I went to as a vendor. Forty shows in 4 years might not seem a lot, but it does get tiresome after a while. So my goal in December 2007 build a website where I could sell my hand crafted beaded jewelry. So I did.....had 98 visitor the first month.......and one sister in law....yeap. As you might can imagine.....I leaped for joy. I am sure everyone including my dear hubby  thought I was nuts. I was determined to make this work....and guess what I did.

In 2008 There were the Ning Networks a friend form England had told me about. I searched for networks with hand made jewelry making members. I joined several Ning networks. Not one of them still exists today, but each one of them played a crucial role in the building blocks for Beaded Jewels. I got to know some pretty great people like Stefeni. She has been my customer since 2008. She was also one of the first people I met through the Ning networks. She was the owner of several back then. In 2008 later on in the year I also created a profile on Facebook, but really did not know what it was for about another year. Yeah I know...that's how green I was behind the ears...did not know what Facebook was.... ok enough with the laughing!!!

Talk about being green and being naive. The year 2009 was also the year where I got scammed pretty bad. Believe it I was so desperate to make Beaded Jewels work that I payed $2300 to become to a company over the phone who promised me make me no 1 in google search.
NO ONE CAN MAKE THAT PROMISE. There is is however a lot you can do about your self to get there. It's a bit complicated and a bit of time consuming but it works. You find me usually on page 2 or so.....sometimes on page 1. For me that is ok.  After all I am just a Wahm....yeap a work at home mom.

Looking back now.....sigh...I was pretty naive. Through mistakes you make along the way you learn. I want to tell you about this bridal order I received.....I post a bunch picture of it so you see the work and effort that went into that piece, that was custom ordered who later refused the piece do to how much it cost. As you can see that is model # 3 after I had drawn out two other models....that was the one she wanted. Of course she wanted black net and all of of the dangles where to be Swrovski Crystals 6mm bicone in peridot, aqua and  siam. The finished piece had in the neighbor hood of 266 ~ 6mm Swarovski Crystal and it took me about 6-7 hours of work. The cost of this choker which was finished of over $365.00 plus shipping of course. I looked at this gorgeous choker for three years, before I finally took it apart. Not completely , but I took off most of the swarovski crystals and yes I cried. This is how some of us learn lessons ....very painfully....sigh.
The last picture now shows how I changed it and made it afforable.
It look like a collar now.....still very sparkly, but not to be compared to what it  how it looked before. Well this is how we learn right? No it is still not sold.......but as you can imagine it is kind of a sore point to my eyes now. I would love to sell it!!!!!!!

So now I charge a 50% down nonrefundable deposit before I start and gather needed materials for custom designs......and the ones that really want to order something designed for only them...really do not mind and hold up there end of the bargain as I hold up mine and deliver only exquisite quality in craftsmanship and design. An extra  that I started doing a couple years back, was aks the customer for FINAL APPROVAL.....meaning I send out ultra detailed picture from every possible angle of the piece I made and have the customer give me the final stamp of their approval, before I send out the payment request for the reminding bill to be paid. This system is working great...not only the customer knows exactly what she or he is getting  but it also gives me the piece of mind that my customers are 100% plus satisfied and will most likely order from me again. I also give all customers who come back for more custom made designs 10% OFF for ever, for life and yep does not matter how old you get. You might ask how i keep track of all that...well I do two things....I create a card with all the personal info, measurements etc if given, when they ordered the first time., Each new customer also gets a  folder in my Documents which gets titled something like this: Beaded Jewels Customer Teresa Shmith ( fictional in my book, just used it as an example). In the folder I put the detailed pictures of the finished order so I know exactly what they have ordered. At the end of the year I send out coupons to those customers who spend the most on custom made designs or ordered form the website  The coupons last year for this elite group of  faithful customers was 20%OFF

So these five years were filled with with all kinds of  hurdles  as well as learning experiences.....I hope I did not bore you with some of the details....if I did tough!!!!
I sure hope you will check out my website and my many different styles in handmade beaded woven wire, wire coiled wrapped  and silver smithed jewelry.
I hope you did enjoy my article and share in my accomplishments.

Best Regards
Lexi Butler
Beaded Jewels 2008-2013

Link to the piece that yes is for sale go here please  If Interested in item #BC_613 Black Netted Ckoker send me an inquiry to and make me an acceptable offer!!!!

January 12, 2013

Bridal Jewelry Tips written by Lexi Butler

On your Wedding Day you simply want to look stunning!

Beaded Jewels would like to offer Brides to Be some helpful tips when it comes to selecting the right kind of beaded jewelry for her, her Matron of Honor and her bridesmaids and her Mother In Law.

Start by selecting your bridesmaids dress color. Take your Matron of Honor with you to help you make a decision. This will help you decide as far as what will work for all of the girls and she can also try some of them on.
Also take into consideration the style and cut of your wedding dress. A sleeveless dress can support a different shape necklace and allow for more space on your chest for jewelry. A halter-cut dress may be better for a simple, single strand necklace, or you may want to leave out the necklace all together and focus on a lovely set of earrings and a bracelet instead. An off shoulder wedding gown looks great with an extravagant necklace that fans out onto the chest.

When selecting wedding day jewelry, the sky is the limit as far as color choices, stones, shapes and design styles. WE would like to assist you with our Wedding Theme Color Palette for 2013. Also keep in mind to integrate the bridesmaids dress colours into your jewelry. This will cause a visual harmony between the bride and bridesmaids.

A beautiful addition to a necklace, earrings and bracelet can be a hair barrette or comb with Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Crystal Pearls or Freshwater Pearls. Beaded Jewels custom designs Hand Wire-Wrapped Hair Combs as well as Wire-Wrapped Hair Barrettes.

Earrings have to be complemented with the neckline of the dress as well. Dangling or drop earrings look fabulous on plunging necklines, while studs are more suitable for high necklines. The individuality of each bridesmaid is to be considered.

A delicate wrist is greatly accentuated with a beautiful bracelet. They make all dress styles look great. If you are planning to make your bridesmaids wear long, gloves, then a single row Swarovski crystal bracelet can be an option. Freshwater pearl bracelets look great on a bare wrist.Bridesmaids' jewelry will make great gifts of appreciation from the bride to her bridesmaids. It is a great idea for the bride to express gratitude for their contribution, on the most wonderful day of her life.

Another beautiful accessory to consider are Beaded Jewels one of a kind voluminous beaded woven rings with Swarovski Cystals and freshwater pearls which will make an exquisite gift for your Matron of Honor.

Beaded Jewels ~ Dream Bridal Boutique offers a variety of wedding jewelry online, but I also would like to point out that I work with Brides to Be on a one on one basis by designing the jewelry piece or pieces they desire for their wedding day.

I am original Artist,certified journeyman by trade in goldsmith and jewelry design with a passion for uniqueness in hand crafting beaded, woven and wire-wrapped jewelry. I am up to date on all this years colors and only work with the finest materials like Original Austrian Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal  Pearls, Fresh Water Pearls and Gem Stones. We take great pride in presenting handmade, high quality, sophisticated pieces at very reasonable price.

Only the best for your Wedding Day!

Author: Lexi Butler
For More info  or requests please
Contact Us
phone 1- 406-241-4502 Mo-Sa 9am-5pm MST 

January 02, 2013

Fun & Flirty Handmade Beaded Belly Rings - Belly Button Rings by Beaded Jewels - Helen's Belly Rings

Fun & Flirty Handmade Beaded Belly Rings - Belly Button Rings by Beaded Jewels - Helen's Belly Rings

Beaded Jewels & Helen's Belly Ring Boutique

Helen's Handmade Beaded Belly Rings Boutique by Beaded Jewels
Shop for unique one of a kind, but competitive priced handmade, beaded belly button rings from Helen's Belly Ring Boutique. Dress up your navels with hand crafted classy belly button jewelry made with Silver, Swarovski Crystals, Gemstones and Fine Glass beads. All curved barbells  used in our designs are stainless steel and 14 gauge.


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