May 13, 2014

More Intricate Wire Weave Work!

Wow it's been a while since I last posted.
That shows you how busy I have been. I have just been teaching myself new wire weaving techniques and have made a few new pieces since I first posted. The passing of my Father and also greatest teacher has been rather hard on me.......and for a while I guess I just fell in a hole. I felt a lot better after I had made a part of my new website in his honor, dedicated it to him.. If you interested you can visit my website at and check it out. Anyway it just makes me feel closer to him, because I feel that the tools and gemstones he left me were his and that he bought them for a reason at the time of purchase. It just gives me great honor to put his ideas to work in my father admired my work and always mentioned to me that he wanted to be my apprentice......LOL. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, because my father was partly one of the 10 greatest jewelry designer in the world. 
As I have already mentioned I have been busy so here are my new designs at Designer Jewelry by LB. First of something simple a Sodalite gemstone donut with a wire weave loop!~ The second one has is a
Hand Crafted Four Wire Western Style Weave Green Sardonyx Agate Rectangle Pendand is available on the new website
The third one is a sterling silver cross pendant with white Swarovski Crystal Pearls and was a custom design order. I also made another cross pendant in copper with turquoise jasper beads. Both crosses are large and measure 3 1/2 inches 2 1/2 inches.
I have also made two wire weave bangles. One in three type of metals, in silver copper brass. And then second one is also copper but with interwoven beadwork. I hope you will visit Designer Jewelry by LB
for more details on all pieces.

April 11, 2014

In Memory of my Father

Taken from my Wesite at
In Memory of my Father 
Rudolf Joos Goldsmith/Jewelry Designer
My father, Rudolf Joos, past away from Liver Cancer on March 16th 2014. He was almost 82 years old. I would like to dedicate this section of my website to him. He was in  part one of the ten greatest jewelry designers in the world. He was not only  my father, but also my  greatest teacher during my 3 1/2 years apprenticeship in his company. From him I have not only learned the trade of goldsmithing /jewelry designer and fine craftsmanship, but also inherited the art to express uniqueness in  design and to stand out as a fellow jewelry designer. The one of a kind creations you see here on this page are made from gemstones my father left me. All Items posted are for sale. I know it would have made him proud, because he admired my work, creativity and unique designs.

March 10, 2014

Wire-Wrapped Four Leaf Clover Pendant

N_843Green Crystal Wire Wrapped Clover Leaf Pendant

Unique Hand Crafted  Wire-Wrapped and Wire-Woven Four Leaf Clover  Pendant which was formed by hand and forged with hammer out of four individual hearts out of 16 gauge bright solid copper wire. Each of the hearts were wire-woven with each other with 26 gauge silver plate artistic wire. I fitted the stem in between two clovers and interwoven them with each other. Out of the stem I formed the interwoven bail. I also used the 26 gauge artistic wire to wire-wrap the total of 71 peridot AB crystals ea. 3mm onto each clover.
This handmade heart pendant comes complete with a beautiful mocha color twisted rayon cord necklace with stainless steel closure.
Size of pendant is 2x1 7/8 inches ( 50x47mm)
Necklace length 20 inches plus 2 inch ext.

This one is still available...a true one of a kind BEAUTY!!!! Only on Available!!! You will be the only one wearing it!

January 22, 2014


Yes you have read right!
 I did buy a second domain which is
Designer Jewelry by LB 

New Logo too:

This new site is about Beaded Jewels "Elite"

The best I did and do!
Does it come as a surprise to you?
I mean I have been designing jewelry for over 6 years now! I needed a different place of my own where I can put all the things I have learned about website building to work along with my super designs.

I really do like the color scheme!

I have the Valentine's Special on my brand new site out since today! 
You can get it here at

So with this I hope you will leave me some feed back about my new site, please visit and do tell others and yeah
FREE SHIPPING  on all Orders withing the US

January 02, 2014


 It is always an adventure when I get to sit down in my Shop.....I never know what happens. This set came to be simply by me being intrigued to learn a new beading pattern. When I had my first triangle was like I am on Auto Pilot. When I finished the bangle....I knew then what I had to do and how the rest was going to look! Thank you Again for all the compliments!
The future owner of these pieces, will be a stand out in the crowd that's for sure.
If anyone is interested on prices:
Bangle $136.00
Choker $205.00
Earrings $155.00
The items will be available for sale on my website by tonight.
I have the Bill be later option now through paypal checkout!

The items will be availabe here at

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