May 15, 2010

Why Its Good To Join A Marketing Coop like SBRN

I have been at the Expo Connector and SBRN Coop- Small Business Referral network just one year, and I can honestly say, my customers, my income, my friends, my knowlegde about marketing has trippled. At the Expo I learned among many other things one very important thing- how to present myself, my business and my products online. When I joined the Expo in April 2009 I had barely a1000 visitors a month on my website Now I am getting 3000 plus a month . I just started my 3rd year in biz in Jan and I am over halfway of where I want to be. I give most credit to the Expo and SBRN Coop. I learned there also to keep pressing on in life and in business when it gets tough. I also like to mention that I have made many friends who are now Beaded Jewels customers . I also learned there that when english is your second language, it does not have to be a stumbeling block.

I like to invite you to come and chat and to get to know us CHATROOM

Lexi Butler
Owner of Beaded Jewels
Also Hall 5 Leader at the Expo of the
Selfmade Home Biz Owners

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