November 27, 2010

Shop for Last Minut Christmas Gifts at the Expo

Last Minute Gifts for Christmas!!!
Shop Securely and with ease in the Comfort of your home from our fine Selection of Home Based Businesses this the Expo Chat Connector. By the way if you have a small home based business you are welcome to join our marketing and Social Networks. Become a member for a low cost monthly fee ($9.95 per month) and see how you can spread your wings. Have your page included on the Market page which gets oven 8000 visitors a month. Learn how to present your business online, never have a boring presentation again....participate in workshops about marketing, time management, goals, duties etc. All in the the monthly price included.   Avoid all stress of standing in endless lines at the cash register, and being reassured that when you buy form any vendor at our network, you will receive not only the best service but also the women and men that are behind the businesses are pretty neat to get to know as well.

   We want you to enjoy yourself while you shop not be stressed out! Well then come on over to the Expo-Chat Connector Chat room  and join us we have always something going on especially on  Fridays   We, Beaded Jewels is one of the network's leader. We are in charge of the selfmade homebiz ower group which is Hall5

Were at Beaded Jewels are always thinking and designing new things like our Brand New Division of "Personalized Book Marks"

Besides Beaded Jewels you will meet many awesome home based business owners that will present their companies and of course their special Cyber Monday Deals to you.  Many business presented will have have to play and prizes to win.
Here are a few examples of fine business and there owners:

Kristen Russel presents  "Wrap the Moment" 
 Personalized Chocolate Wrappers, Personalized Advents Calender,

Cindy Powers presents  "BRAIN~athon Emporium"
Source for FUN, educational materials that will help your children become deep thinkers, expert...

Roy Jack presents  "Easy Pha-Max"
Pha-max, among others, is leading in the biotechnology of herbal health supplement. Being the leading producer and supplier of wheatgrass worldwide.

Carol presents "Simply Said Designs"
Vinyl Designs that make a statement in your home or business. You select the design, size and color. We focus on customizing and catering to you.

Sherri Trobrigde presents "Princess House"
Your Home, Your Life Your Way

Renee Hamilton presents "Cello in the Box"
Vinyl Designs that make a statement in your home or business. You select the design, size and color. We focus on customizing and catering to you.

Nancy Johnson  founder of " SBRN COOP and Expo Chat Connector"
SBRN stands for Small Business Referral Network

This is just a few of the many presenters out of many more. So I hope you come and join us and be preperred to meet some extrodinary and people behind their homebased businesses.

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

November 26, 2010

Beaded Jewels Personalized Bookmarks

Can you believe it? There are actually people, women/men who do not like to wear jewelry unbelievable. I have the solution for that too.
Beaded Jewels Personalized Bookmark Division offers you Exquisite, Handcrafted Beaded,Trendy Personalized Bookmarks. One of a Kind Affordable Custom Made Beaded Gifts for Bookworms, Teachers etc. .Customize your bookmarks in your colours and or with a name of a loved one. When you buy our one of a kind handmade beaded jewelry creations you will not be just spending your money, but investing it in something worthwhile to treasure for a long time.

Enjoy your visit at Beaded Jewels!

For you to be able to choose your colours I made a chart for you to chose from many availabe coloured beads to persnalize your bookmark.

So that way even if a person does not like jewelry she might like a handcrafted beaded personalized Bookmark made by me. One The website I have a total of four different models of bookmarks you can choose from. BTW you will love my site. I build it myself and I created it with the perspective of  someone that has never visited my site.. You will find that it is very easy to navigate an you will not get lost. As with all beaded jewelry or accessories  from Beaded Jewels you will receive nothing but the best should you ever consider making that step and order from us. Beaded Jewels was first launched in Jan 2008 and had in all that time not one return, but through our in tire site you will find customer comments that are happy about the purchase they made at Beaded Jewels who have since come back to order from us again and also referred many people to us who also became our customer.

I f you would like place an order with us, just remember Christmas is just around the corner and if you would like to have the bookmark by Christmas it should be shipped out from Beaded Jewels by Dec 16th at the latest.

Best Regards
Lexi Butler
Beaded Jewels

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