July 31, 2009

How Do You Get Yourself And Your Online Home Business Noted?

The internet is like a huge book and every business or company has its page. What does a closed book with a lot of pages mean to you ? To me its means lets open it see whats inside ? Where do I go from here? Thats where the brain work begins.

I learned that if you put yourself out there and make your self available to people that can relate to you, the homebased entrepreneur, you have a greater chance to meet people, talk with people, let them know what your doing, and even gain some customers.

Unless you open a book and read in it you will never know what its about. Thats how it also is with people. I found myself a wonderful group of people at Small Business Referral Netwrok Cooperative and Expo Connector is our online Event center. http://expo-connector.com/chat.htm If you have a homebased business, than you know how loneley you can feel sometimes.

Before I joined this wonderful group I had no idea that a network like this even existed. Sure you have heard of social networks, but often people spam you with their ads and that is always a turn off for me, because it only shows me, that people are not intersted in me and what I do but just want to sell me their stuff.

Sure we all want to sell our stuff, but there is a nicer way to go about it. It's called networking. A bunch of people get together, get to know each other, support each other, learn from each other, teach to each other, trust each other, become friends with each other, present their business to each other, buy from each other, review each other, refer each other. There is a pattern in networking and it takes time and endurance, willpower and work to become part of a true Social network.

I have found it at http://expo-connector.com/chat.htm I have only joined that network in March and made lot's of friends and customers. If you still looking for friendship, support life lessons, prayer support look no further but come over for a visit and chat with us.

And learn a whole new way of doing business.

I always want to know if I could help someone, because I know how beeing alone can feel
So post your comments and let me know.
Lexi Butler

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