May 03, 2011


Beaded Jewels Auctions/Fundraisers
Connor Ruisz of Orland Park is a fun loving, energetic 3 year old boy that was diagnosed in January with Medulloblastoma, a rare and aggressive Brain Tumor.
He has had surgery to remove the tumor, but is now undergoing aggressive Chemotherapy treatments at Children’s Hospital downtown.
We would really like to help Connor, so we are auctioning off one of the Beaded Jewels Bracelets of Hope Awareness bracelet for Childhood Cancer. The awareness Colour is gold. The bracelet will be made out of golden topaz sawrovski crystals and golden colour delica tube beads.

The highest bidder (at least $40.00) have the choice of a four letter sterling silver block personalization and a sterling silver ribbon as pictured above . The bracelet closes with a sterling silver lobsterclasp and has an sterling silver extention chain . Bracelet can be made 7 or 8 inches long.

HOW TO PLACE A BID- To place a bid please write on our auction page  in the comment field how much you would like to bid on this Beaded Jewels Bracelet of Hope. It is required to leave a valid email address where the highest bidder can be contacted after the auction is closed.. You will also be directed through email of where to send the payment to. 100% of the proceeds will go to  CURE 4 CONNOR

The auction will close Saturday May 7th 2011 12am Est.
The winner OR HIGHEST Bidder will be notified on Monday May 9th 2011

100% of the proceeds from this auction/fundraiser will go to

May 01, 2011

Exquisite Flower Jewels by Beaded Jewels

Spring is in the air....everywhere just not in Montana. As long as it snows over here I do not consider it Spring. So while it is raining storming or snowing outside, I am sitting in my little atelier....thinking of spring and in particular flowers. Flowers are the greatest part of spring for me. One of my favorite flowers which bloom later are Daisies.

This year I am incorporating my love for daisies in my jewels. At Beaded Jewels you will find daisies in all colours. Orange , blue, aquamarine are just a few colours that are shown here.

Last year I started with glow -in-the-dark chokers for teens and children. Some of them are still available at 

This year I am taking it to a whole new level. The first Daisy Jewel I created was a Bracelet. The bracelet is woven together intricately out of individual flowers with free moving flower petals, just like the real flowers. It is fully movable and flexible and voluminous. The bracelet closes with an easy sterling silver hook closure and measures 7 1/2 inches. This gorgeous one-of-a kind bracelet is best worn on a wrist no lager then 6 1/2 inches so that the flowers will not look stretched. The bracelet as you can see has layers and does not appear flat. It is a live it seems like that anyway. When I design a piece of jewelry I keep in mind one very important yet often overlooked thing. Nothing I design  is ever stiff, because then one can not play with it. That is the most important aspect for me as a designer- flexibility.
Then came the bead-woven Daisy Jewel Ring which can be worn not only as a finger ring but is comfortable to be worn on your toes. Designing and making the Daisy Jewel Ring it was especially important to me that the petals show no gaps in between the petals. There are no gaps in nature, except when you pull out a petal.
So as you see I came up with a way to weave these petals close together, that one can not see where the petals actually go through the middle bead. I don't want you to see how I got there. I just want you to be amazed and keep you guessing.  The band of the ring is also woven with tiny delica tube beads. These are just the first two jewels from the Daisy Jewels, which will be offered in more colours soon. If you are interested in purchasing the bracelet, or ring which is a size 8 but can be made in any size or colour contact me at

As always enjoy your visit at Beaded Jewels.
Best Regards
Lexi Butler 

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