January 06, 2010

Vintage Jewels

What are Vintage Jewels exactly? It should look like its from the olden days....right? At least thats what I found when I googled Vintage Jewelry. Or though I have to tell you I did not like these designs very much. Maybe it more modern vintage that I am drawn to. I really like different tones of greens in combination with this purple haze 14mm round rivoli.I think these are just the coolest swarovski crystals.

They have an immense fire no matter what colour you choose. It is just a pleasure for me to work with these extrdinary crystals.

This is just the begin of Beaded jewels new line of "Vintage Jewels"
As you see I am getting more and more into beadweaving. Here is my first piece I made over Christmas break.

I got some beads out one morning and started and this is the finished product. I don't know it what category it would fit on my website.

So for now I am placing it here hoping to get some input on these new designs.
Lexi Butler
Certified Jewelry Designer/Maker
founder and owner of Beaded jewels

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