April 07, 2010


Unique-Personalized-Cancer Awareness and Support
Through Beaded Jewels ”Bracelets of Hope”
I, Lexi Butler certified jewelry designer/maker founder and owner of the online boutique Beaded Jewels have experienced the devastation of cancer, directly through my dad who was diagnosed in 2003 with stage four colorectal cancer. When I heard the devastating news from my mother over the phone, I took an emergency flight to Germany to see my father one more time or so I thought.
Nothing could prepare me of what I was about to see, once I reached my family’s home. The handsome man in statue had shriveled into this pale, bald, skinny, almost not recognizable human being a picture that would stay with me for years to come. Today, my father is a six year survivor and we thank God for each day he gets to live.
During my life in Germany, I knew my dad not only as the father figure, but as the boss of his jewelry company. As I grew, I also learned the trade of goldsmith and jewelry design, in which I decided to become certified in both. For many years, I have wanted to help and make a difference, but did not quite know how to go about it.
Last year, I met Crystal Kauffman, who is the founder of the non-profit Laugh At Cancer Organization. During our conversation, Mrs. Kauffman asked me if I would be interested in designing a bracelet line for cancer awareness called “Bracelet of Hope”. I told her I had to pray about it and immediately after speaking with God, I was flooded with visual pictures in my head of designs for the bracelets.
That was the beginning of the partnership of Beaded Jewels and Laugh At Cancer Org., which has blossomed over the last few months. Now, I offer a selection of 20 different colors and combinations which are associated with the various types of cancers. In addition, I offer ten different additional personalizing options to make the bracelet truly yours or a unique gift.
For each bracelet sold from Beaded Jewels, I will donate 10% of each bracelet. The Beaded Jewels mission is to raise national cancer awareness with the “Bracelet of Hope” line and to be a helpful partner to nonprofit Laugh At Cancer Org. Their mission is to help all families touched by cancer, whether directly or indirectly! No one deserves to fight cancer alone, so become someone wings of hope today!

Respectfully yours,

Lexi Butler
Beaded Jewels

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