September 02, 2011

What is the Purpose of Your Life?

What is the purpose of your life?
So often read we about offers of how to make bundles of money quick online. I disagree, life is not just about making money and having enough of it....because one will never have enough. Life is about purpose! In 2006 I decided I want to be a Wahm- Work at home mom. so I did this, I created my own biz ( Beaded Jewels) in 2008 from a $200.00 giftcard. I worked hard and endless hours ( and still do), back then for next to no money, but I enjoyed it, every minute of it.
 As a certified Goldsmith and jewelry designer I have experince in making jewelry . However this was not it, it did not feel purpose full, because I was doing it for myself.
In 2009 I created a special Bracelet line Beaded Jewels Bracelets of Hope. This happend through a friend whom I had met in a chat-room, whom herself was a cancer survivor.
It was years after my own dad had been diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer. It was then that I found my purpose, and I make good money now. I feel right now that my life has a purpose.
Since the beginning of my mission which became international in 2010 with customers in Auckland New Zealand and Trinidad and Tobago I have ministered to at least 75 people which I met online in either chat rooms or social networks like Facebook  and have sold over 125 bracelet each one still handmade by me. What greater purpose is there but to be able to make a difference in someones life. Most people do not know that I pray for the person that I am making a bracelet for and that is ok. It's because of this that my life has a purpose and I love even more what I do.
Does this make sense to you?
Best Regards
Lexi Butler
Founder of the International Mission
Beaded Jewels - Bracelets of Hope

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