October 26, 2012

Beaded Jewels ~ Epilepsy Awareness

Get a gorgeous handcrafted beaded bracelet from Beaded Jewels Bracelets of Hope for Epilepsy Awareness and we DONATE 10% OF your PURCHASE to Cause that is close in many homes 

What is KARE Foundation? 
KARE Foundation is a 501 C3 non-profit
and was formed in 2010 in honor of Rose's oldest son Kyle who has
epilepsy. Their mission is Awareness, Support and a Cure! More than 3 million people suffer with epilepsy in the US. To learn
more about KARE you can visit www.karefoundation.org.
Purchase your personalized Beaded Jewels Bracelet of Hope here 

October 19, 2012


Our site division Beaded Jewels & The Rose Petaler is now complete!!! Check out all the ordering options I put together for each jewelry item one can order at this time. So be click happy and click on the pictures as if you
 were to order.... a custom made piece from a pre selected jewelry design with your own custom made rose petal beads ( by sending us your rose petals)http://www.beadedjewels.biz/therosepetalerbeads_custom_order.html

Or go here if you would like a piece from our finished line athttp://www.beadedjewels.biz/therosepetalerbeads.html

Or here if you would just like to order some custom made beads to put in your own pieces of jewelryhttp://www.beadedjewels.biz/therosepetalerbeads_rose_petal_beads.html
Either way we are open for your business

October 17, 2012

Rose Petal Bead Bracelets

RPJ_B_004_2Small Handmade bead woven bracelet with silver beads, vintage rose, light topaz, crystal AB and mocha 4 and 6mm swarovski crystals and a hand crafted rose petal bead 12mm as focal bead which is held by 2 SP 10mm bead caps. The bracelet closes with a 9mm lobster clasp and one inch sterling silver heart chain swarovski charmed extension.
Length 6 1/4 inches plus 1 inch extension

Buy it here

Beaded Jewels & The Rose Petaler

Beaded Jewels & The Rose PetalerSorry for having neglected my Blog, but today we are celebrating the birth of our new division!!!
Just Wanted to shout out an announcement.....Beaded Jewels & The Rose Petaler is open for business now!!!

Beaded Jewels & The Rose Petaler Beads
We specialize in making rose petal beads using the petals of roses to create one of a kind handmade jewelry! Each bead is mixed and rolled by hand We comb
ine our beautiful handmade rose petal beads with swarovski crystals to make exquisite rose bead jewelry necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, crosses, and rosaries.
You may purchase our finished jewelry using our rose beads, or send us dried roses from your special occasion and let us turn them into scented rose beads and put them into jewelry of your choice! We also make and sell just the beads.

Come stop by and see what we got!!!

September 17, 2012

August 10, 2012


Unique Two Wire-Two Color Jumprings

Twisted Jump Rings - 
Unique Two Wire - One or Two Color Jump Rings 

Now you can get a bag of Beaded Jewels own two wire- two color twisted artistic wire jump rings that are only available here. As an introductory price the
 22 gauge jump rings are 10 for $1.00 and the 20 gauge one or two color jump rings are 10 for $ 2.50 With each order placed you will get a sample of either a different size or different colors.

June 05, 2012

Beaded Jewels Store Grand Opening

Beaded Jewels Store on Facebook!!!!!

Feel Free to Share

Beaded Jewels Store on Facebook is open for your business.

FREE SHIPPING on all Items available. Each piece is only available once!!!!

May 30, 2012

Beaded Jewels ~ Unique Chainmaille Designs

What is Chainmaille?
Chainmaille ( is also known as chainmail, and also maille) is typically armor or jewelry made by connecting metal rings to one another. The word maille derives from the French wordmaille (mesh), which comes from Latin macula (mesh of a net). 
Creating something out of maille involves a few steps:
Wrap metal wire around a rod to make a coil.
Cut the coil, well actually it's way better when you saw each loop of the coil to get flush ends that perfectly fit together in  creating individual "jump rings."
You can also buy the jumprings, but than I would look for flush cut ones meaning without a bevel. They do cost a bit more, but like I said before...it is so worth it!!! 
Using two flat nose pliers and link the rings—one at a time—into a pattern. Yes is is a lot of work, but it is so worth it in the end.

About History of Chainmaille
Chainmaille is one of the earliest forms of metal armor. The oldest piece of maille armor that can be accurately dated is more than 2,700 years old. It was discovered in the graves of Celtic warriors. Earlier evidence of chainmaille has been found in graves from the 5th century BC in Scythia (an area between Europe and Asia). Although most historical chainmaille is armor, jewelry techniques were also used by cultures as diverse as the Vikings and the ancient Egyptians. It is difficult to trace the history of chainmaille, because much of the "evidence" was destroyed in battle. Many pieces that survive today may have been high-quality pieces passed on from generation to generation (or even stolen from a corpse after a battle). These may or may not be a good sampling of the most common maille used. Read more about the history of chainmaille at Wikipedia. 

As you may or may not know about my Beaded Jewels Designs they are one of a kind...unique as you will!
This first necklace shown here is titled. "WARRIOR PRINCESS NECKLACE"  The red and orange swarovski crystal dangles kind of remind me of blood drops.  Her heart was wounded because she lost her beloved in the war, can't you see it?

Beaded Jewels ~ Unique Chainmaille Designs

The second necklace kind of has a vintage flair I think, maybe it's from the soft colors or maybe it is just my perspective. Anyway I am more drawn to soft colors like these beautiful orchid / lavender candy jade semi precious gemstone drops surrounded by fuchsia AB square swarovski crystal charms. The lavender and fuchsia 6mm bicones reflect the colours of the drops and squares. The two tone lace cords carry on  the necklace color theme, but also make a bold statement through the black lace.

This bracelet you see here was my first try in making chainmaille jewelry. I found the pattern in a beading book and decided to make it my own. So I chose a fading color scheme from purple fading into pink and back into purple. The sterling silver brass plated jump rings bring a certain flair to this bracelet which measures 7 1/2 inches which is just right for a 7 inch wrist. You don't want them bracelets to tight , because it squishes the bracelet. All jump rings are inter connected and not attached to anything. 

This Beaded Jewels Chainmaille Bracelet is made the exact same way just with different colors. How dramatic it looks with the jet black swarovski crystals the gold plated brass, and  the sterling silver brass and the black brass jump rings. I think it's elegant  and needs to be worn on an evening out. Both bracelets are finished off with exquisite sterling silver large toggle, which itself are beautiful and only adds to the bracelets flair.

These and more designs will be available soon at http://www.beadedjewels.biz

May 02, 2012

New Things at Beaded Jewels

It's been a while since I last posted.......but that for a good reason. I have been busy with the Beaded Jewels ~ Everyday Jewels Division which now has been launched. You might wonder what's so special about this new division well....where do you get really exquisite hand crafted jewelry in a price range from $10.17-$39.56?

Of course there is a small catch........well to make hand crafted beaded jewelry that inexpensive all metal used can not be sterling silver anymore. For example take earrings like the one posted here......the ear wires are sterling silver every thing else is non tarnish artistic wire. You see I have been thinking long and hard how to get new buyers for my jewelry.

A lot of people are s kiddish  ( not sure ) if they should order from me, because first...... well Beaded Jewels http://www.beadedjewels.biz/ has not been online that long only since 2008. I am not famous like some other jewelry company names. Secondly there is a lot of competition out there. Once a visitor has bought something on my website......they come back.

Back to the original thought of why I came up with the Division Beaded Jewels~ Everyday Jewels or Jewels for Every day. Well to be absolutely honest with you...it's to lure you and to wow you. If I was not sure of my quality and sure of what I am doing .....I would not. Maybe you stumbled upon my blog here for the first time, either way I want to invite you to visit my website especially my new division Beaded Jewels ~ Jewels for Every Day and be courageous and purchase something.

You know even with the Inexpensive line you get the Beaded Jewels ~Unique Guarantee which is....when you buy a piece you alone have it.....it will not be made or sold again. Is this not great. As a certified goldsmith/jewelry designer and self learned beading artist I stand behind all Beaded Jewels Designs and Products 100% +

I hope I convinced you to give Beaded Jewels ~ Not just any beaded jewelry a TRY


April 06, 2012

Beaded Jewels ~ Jewels from the Heart


Only One available
What better way to say to you Mom "I love you" but with this gorgeous bead-woven heart pendant with optional 2mm ss rope chain
Gorgeous and exquisitely handmade beaded 3-D Heart pendant out of 72 crystal AB 32 fuchsia AB swarovski crystals 4mm each and with 20 crystal AB 3mm swarovski crystals.

The length of the pendant is 1 3/8 inch length, 1 3/8in width and 1/2 in thick

The necklace loop is large enough to attach any necklace you wish!

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