August 14, 2009

Hello Self Made Business Owner

Hello .......
YOU ARE A Self Made Business Owner !!!
Would it not be great for you to be part of a group that is just for Self Made Business Owners?

Where you can grow surrounded by like minded people ?
Needless to say we created such a group at the Expo
Up until now The Expo had 4 Halls.
Now introducing Hall 5 >>>>. Self Made Biz Cafe <<<<<
This Hall is all unique companies that are owner created.
So come and join us ............
Here are some of the benefits when you join our group
BUT this is not all

We are going to have a SELF MADE BUSINESS FAIR ON AUG. 27TH 2009
from 11am EST-11pm EST
present their business and their products for sale,
have discussions,
play games.......have fun new people
read all about it here:
and come and join us.

For nonmember we have an awesome offer:
For just $9.95 you get to present your SELF MADE HOME BASED BUSINESS over possible 24 times, that includes the bridal fair as well in September........for two month you also get a table in Hall 5 and on top of it all benefits that the members have.
WOW what a deal......did I mention that gets over 6000 unique visitors a month?
Read all about the many benifits we have to offer here

To pay for your vendor slot for the SELF MADE HOME BASED BUSINESS FAIR go here

Than email me at so I can send you the agenda and the avaiable time slots. The time slots will be 20 min.
We are hoping for at least 20 SELF MADE BUSINESS VENDORS !!!!!!

I would also like to invite you to visit our chatrooms where all presentations and business chats are held. There is something going on everyday of the week.
Log in with your first name and meet some friendly and forthcomming people.


Your fellow self made business owner
and co director of Self Made Business Fair
Lexi Butler
Beaded Jewels
YIM beaded_jewels36
my email

August 11, 2009


Here is an email I sent to 27News
joecheray: I need your help in finding out why the state of Kansas is not being
forth coming in letting recipients of the family support grant check
know what is going on with money we were supposed to receive last
month. Checks are issued quarterly on the 15th of each respective
quarter starting in Jan, then April, July, and Oct. I have another
friend Maggie Belk who is on the same program and she has not received
her check either and when I spoke to my sons case manager Don
Richardson at TARC he said he has two others on his case in addition
to Anthony's that are also waiting on the same check. Also Anthony has
been on this waiting list for respite care for two years it seems and
they have never let me know when or how close he is to coming off of

If anyone has any info you can post it here on my Blog.
Thank you for all your help

Lexi Butler

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