March 06, 2011

Is this what your diary looks like?

As a Mom myself I had to share this with you

Is this what your diary looks like? This actually happened although it isn’t mine.
This is what my diary might have looked like a few years ago.

Not another night and day of this!
Entry #1 Kids are both home from school again. That sure adds to the snow days.
Entry #2 Another morning with my number #1 son waking up with fever, aches and chills. He has the flu.
Entry #3 Not to be outdone, today son #2 has the flu.
Entry #4 I am feeling exhausted and am relishing in the 3 hours of uninterrupted time to myself while the boys finally sleep.
Entry #5 Today, I walked out to get the mail in the 30 degree temperature. It is one way to tell if you have the flu, when you get winded and sweat profusely.
Entry #6 There is nothing quite like waking up to the sound (and smell) of a child’s forceful vomiting. First the flu and now the ‘stomach bug’.
Entry #7 Another day home from school, son still not able to keep food on stomach.
Entry #8 My turn again. I was up all night with the stomach bug. When you have kids in school or day care, they always bring home something. All of this in the last 6 weeks. I will be so glad when we are all well again. Hubby has used up his sick days. Having the kids sleep in another room didn’t keep it from spreading to the rest of the family.

I don’t know how many trips I have made to the doctors. I am just happy that we didn’t have any ear aches, bronchitis or pneumonia. Medicines and doctor bills are adding to our list of expenses.

I raised five children and have walked through their colds, measles, chicken pox, flu etc. I worried about them getting into dangerous things, because we lived on the farm. They rode horses, played and jumped in the hay mow, road on the tractor with their Dad, had pet animals like a lamb and ran from attacking geese that chased them. We had a garden with fresh vegetables and home grown meat. Food is not as healthful as it used to be and we don’t live on the farm anymore. Food travels a long ways and has too many things done to it before we even see it. Did you ever wonder where all the nutrition went? Ten percent is lost at every step of the way, from transportation, to preparation.

Right out of high school I obtained a job for a Radiologist. I was her secretary, receptionist and trained to be a technician. I was an X-Ray technician both in civilian and military life. I was also a nurse’s aide at three geriatric homes. I loved kids and worked with them in a Christian club called AWANA, as a Commander and Blue Birds. We enjoyed many Halloween parties and hay rides at our farm. I seemed to always be finding some girl to foster and bring into my home. When, I joined the Air Force, I was stationed at a SAC base which meant that I had to have a clean record.

Later I became a volunteer for the American Red Cross, where I trained to work in Disasters. I worked in the Records and Reports department and was sent out on 2 -3 week sessions to other states. Here again my reputation, honesty, integrity and protecting private information was needed. Each of these areas of my life encompassed working with people, especially in the health arena. I have taken Sign Language courses at the community college and worked with deaf children.

I was involved in another networking business years ago where I marketed another nutritional supplement. I was able to sit under the tutelage of many respected and knowledgeable people to learn so much about nutrition.

My husband has had many surgeries, open heart surgery for valve replacement, 2 back surgeries, a total knee replacement, and hand surgery. He used to be a carpenter (after being a farmer) and he could no longer do that kind of work and became a greeter at Sam’s Club for awhile. While I loved volunteering with American Red Cross, it became too much work wearing so many hats, to take care of my husband and volunteer and care for the home front at the same time. At this time I tried temporary jobs, since I didn’t have a resume. I realized that I needed to supplement our social security. It should come as no surprise that social security is not sufficient. When I found my new business in the health industry, I was excited to find that it was right up my alley. I am very concerned about people’s health and lifestyle that affects their health. This gave me the opportunity to work with people, teaching them about better health and nutrition. I come in contact daily with information that there is always yet another type of illness out there, that I have never heard of in the past.

Does this diary sound like you or someone in your family? It is so much easier to prevent an illness than to try to combat it. My husband and I have not had one cold or flu in the last 5 ½ years that we have used a powerful super fruit juice called Mangosteen. It doesn’t sound like it could be that powerful, because after all it is just a fruit juice. But, the one major difference is what makes all the difference and that is the Xanthones. You may have heard of them elsewhere, but you will never have heard of them being used without having been separated or used as a derivative. The entire portion of the 42 Xanthones of the 200 known were found in this little fruit. The entire fruit is made into a pulp and then as a juice to help us with our immunity and health. Small amounts of other juices are added to make it taste as great as it does. The pericarp would be bitter otherwise. This little Mangosteen fruit has been known to be used internally and externally as far back as the sixteenth century as documented.

Wouldn’t it be really great, to know that you can plan on your day or week for work, activities and all without coming down with another illness? It is so easy to take the bottle from the refrigerator and pour just one ounce of juice for each family member. We have been doing this for 5 ½ years and have not had any cold or flu. We do need to form habits. But, you can make it a habit to get it out when you reach for the OJ or milk in the morning. The kids will love the taste and will remind you.

Is your family on the go and not able to take it at lunch time? No problem. We have wonderful one ounce packets to slip into the lunch box or back pack. They taste delicious and they won’t forget to take them. Only 3 ounces a day is a great preventative. Bump up the dosage if you have inflammation or illness somewhere in your body.

Have you seen the ad on TV where this lady is telling this man named Mucous that it is all his fault that she can’t breathe? He says, “It isn’t my fault. It isn’t mucous causing your problem. It is inflammation.” Exactly! This is why I no longer have headaches when I have allergies, because I use the Mangosteen juice and it helps me combat the inflammation.

Okay, I hear you saying, “but I take Advil, Tylenol, or cold meds.” These are helpful, but once again they are not natural products. Dr. Rosenfeld said on TV the other morning that every med had some poison in them. Sometimes we need them. But, whenever possible it is much better to use something natural and before we get sick.

Isn’t your and your family’s health worth it to you? Wouldn’t it be great to know that you could plan the whole week or the whole month of things that you ought to do or want to do without worrying about being sick all the time? Wouldn’t it be great not to have to shuck out more money to doctors, hospitals and the pharmacy? Wouldn’t it be great just to feel great all the time? Don’t lose out on anymore sleep, days of work or school or feeling miserable.

If this doesn’t concern you, this should. All major illnesses start in our body way before we are aware of them. As I mentioned above, it is much easier to stay healthy than it is to try to combat an illness. Prevention is the key. I hear way too many people stating that they are as healthy as a horse and ‘I don’t get sick’ and ‘I am just fine’. Prepare ahead of time. It is much easier and less expensive, too. My husband uses this juice to combat his COPD. It has not gotten any worse and he has not had any setbacks because of it. COPD can only be controlled and that is what he is doing. I use it for my allergies, so that I don’t have any headaches anymore. It gets rid of the inflammation associated with them. I have even seen my cholesterol readings come down 15%.

We hope that we never have a fire in our home, but we have a smoke detector and fire extinguisher just in case. Be sure you have your insurance for your health ahead of time by doing something before the fact. Fight the Fatal Five, heart disease, cancer, stroke, lung disease and diabetes.

I don’t just market my products. I follow up with everyone to make sure that they know how to use the products and that they are using them correctly. If they are dissatisfied, I will help them get their refund. You can use the products for yourself or share them with others. There is nothing mandatory about this membership. If you wish to build the business, you will never lose it or lose your title, because you are unable to perform a certain criteria.

I use e-mail and IMs to walk you through the sign-up process. Become a member by registering for just $35.00 for the entire year or also chose to buy an initial product or products and/or sign up for an ADP (automatic delivery) so that you won’t run out and forget to order. This can be changed with a simple phone call to the company.

I hope to get to know you better and learn more about your health problems and worries. I have big shoulders. If I don’t know if it will help you, I will tell you so. Remember prevention first.

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