October 23, 2010

Beaded Jewels Bracelets of Hope

I am Lexi Butler, mom of three, 22, 25 and 12, married 16 years and live in Montana. I am the owner/creator of the online Boutique Beaded Jewels since 2008. As many people today, I became face to face with the devastation and destruction of cancer through my Father's Diagnosis of Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer in 2003 ( Today he is a seven Year Survivor.) As many people today I was ignorant and uninformed about the many types of cancer and causes that affect thousands of people everyday. Years past and my dad recovered rebuild his life got adjusted to the colostomy bag , but the images of my dad being in this hospital bead, his handsome stature shriveled down to an unrecognizable human being stayed with me for the years to come.

I wanted to make a difference and help inform people and spread cancer awareness nationwide through a unique way. Having the background of a certified gold smith and jewelry designer I designed the Beaded Jewels Bracelet of Hope Awareness line in Oct 2009. Each bracelet is handcrafted with love and also prayed over. The bracelets are woven with up to 28 Swarovski Crystals, same colour of tiny tube beads either Toho or Delica. Each bracelet is finished off with a sterling silver lobster clasp and a sterling silver heart shaped extenion charm with a Swarovski crystal charm at the end. The bracelets are offered in 3 sizes. The Mission behind these bracelets is to "Spread Awareness of Cancer and Causes through Colours Nationwide."

"Bring A Little Sparkle into someone's Life" is the Motto behind these bracelets. I have had to honor to minister to people deepest needs and also through the life’s that were touched I have gained a greater knowledge about many types of causes. Beaded Jewels is offering not only 30 different colours and combinations, but also 11 personalizing options to make the Beaded Jewels Bracelet of Hope truly something the customer can identify with.

If you have a Blog with 100 0r more  followers that would be interested in what I have to offer I would be honored to send you a Beaded Jewels Bracelet of Hope for review and also to give away or to keep it for yourself in exhange for a two month feature spot with product review, pictures and links to my website..

The design of the Bracelets which never changed since the first bracelet, was given by God after Prayer. The bracelets are not only eye-catching and beautiful in design to raise awareness, but also very sturdy, to be able to withstand even strong epileptic seizures.

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Lexi Butler

The colour burgundy is the awareness colour of Migraine,
Headaches, Brain Aneurysm, Disabled Adults, Hospice Care, Meningitis.....
                                          Another Personalized Custom order for a Beaded Jewels Bracelet of Hope

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