March 24, 2011

Bi-Annual Dream Bridal Exo

Engaged couples and excited families alike will find the "Dream Bridal Expo" to be a valuable resource in tying everything together. At the expo, we will be offering makeup & Jewelry tips & tricks, along with unique bridesmaid gifts, destination wedding and dream Honeymoon ideas. The WORKSHOPS will be excellent for the engaged couple, their families and friends.

You will want to get in on the Door Prizes, Chat with the different vendors, and attend some workshops on different topics.

THE BRIDE TO BE WHO WINS THE GAME OF 20 QUESTIONS ABOUT WEDDINGS WILL GET THIS GORGEOUS HANDMADE Crystal/ Sterling Silver Bracelet from Beaded Jewels valued at $40.00

Join us March 26th. 1pm to 7:30pm EST

Details at

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