March 04, 2011

Beaded Jewels -Purple Crystal Swan


Designs by Fire creations are combined out of silver-smithing techniques and beading works which adds the final touch to these unique creations.

Designs by Fire was born out of my  desire to work with fire and sterling silver and copper and to combine these with the art of beading. Each of these creations is truly unique and once sold are gone. If you are looking for an exquisite one of a kind piece handcrafted by a schooled goldsmith from scratch you are at the right place. You will also see that my prices are reasonable and the quality exceptional.
Now more about the newest addition to Beaded Jewels division Designs by Fire:

Purple Crystal Swan

An Exquisite Handcrafted Necklace which was made through the process of silver-smithing combined with the art of beading

This one-of-a kind beaded necklace started with the process of silver-smithing of the sterling silver 20ga wire which was used to form the wings. The free flowing sparkly beaded cluster pendant was created out of 33 individual pendants out of purple, violet and crystal coloured 6 mm swarovski crystals.

Attached to the hancrafted sterling silver piece on ea side is a woven band out of 232 purple, violet and crystal ABx2 swarovski crystals each 4mm. The beautiful pnecklace closes with a 1/2 in sterling silver lobster clasp and a 2 inch violet 6mm swarovski charm extension.

March 02, 2011

Keri's Fairy Godmother Foundation

For the entire month of March, through the One Bloom at a Time program,

King Florist is donating 20% from the retail price of this custom design to
the Austin Fairy Godmother Foundation.
Send this beautiful arrangement to someone you love and
help a girl in need this Prom season!
We will see hundreds of girls in the next few months and we need everyones
upport to make their dreams of attending their Prom a reality!

Keri's Fairy Godmother Foundation

LIVE Auction at Beaded JewelsLIVE

Auction at the EXPO at 8-10pmEST March 4th 2011


For all Sellers and Buyers

The opportunity to get ride of some inventory, or shine the light on a piece

you want to get attention to.

I will give opportunity for by now sales separate from auctions

I will try to give as many members a chance to auction of their item.

Each guest seller can auction of one item, members here can auction off more items.

If the whole thing is a success we will do it every Friday at a set time

Here is how it goes

When I call to open the auction

and announce the starting bit we will start with $1.00

Have a four line intro ready about item you would like to auction off including offers like free shipping etc.

a direct link to picture of item your auctioning where people can see the item.

The increments will increase but start low so everyone wants to participate, t

here will be prompting to buy

form the auctioneer, support is expected and of course participation.

The auction for a item will come to a stop when I call three time and there is nobody that want to bit higher.

Keep in mind even if you sell your item for less then expected you still have a sale.

You products get out will be evaluated and who knows you may win a new customer for life.

Sure hope to see you there one way or the other!

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