March 02, 2011

LIVE Auction at Beaded JewelsLIVE

Auction at the EXPO at 8-10pmEST March 4th 2011


For all Sellers and Buyers

The opportunity to get ride of some inventory, or shine the light on a piece

you want to get attention to.

I will give opportunity for by now sales separate from auctions

I will try to give as many members a chance to auction of their item.

Each guest seller can auction of one item, members here can auction off more items.

If the whole thing is a success we will do it every Friday at a set time

Here is how it goes

When I call to open the auction

and announce the starting bit we will start with $1.00

Have a four line intro ready about item you would like to auction off including offers like free shipping etc.

a direct link to picture of item your auctioning where people can see the item.

The increments will increase but start low so everyone wants to participate, t

here will be prompting to buy

form the auctioneer, support is expected and of course participation.

The auction for a item will come to a stop when I call three time and there is nobody that want to bit higher.

Keep in mind even if you sell your item for less then expected you still have a sale.

You products get out will be evaluated and who knows you may win a new customer for life.

Sure hope to see you there one way or the other!

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