December 11, 2010


Other Vendors Are Not Your Competition

The thing I see at MOST Chat Room Party sites at other social networks and places is the ME, ME, ME Mentality.

These People do not get it that an Event is a GROUP Effort and that they are not just there to sell there items , but support other members at well. Infact, because there is not much time in a chat room for questions regarding a item one  finds interest in. Most Most Chat Room like ours at have PM meaning privat messaging.
 It is also a fact, if other vendors do not know a business, because  one they have created there own, this vendor should not expect any sales, until trust begins to develop in the chatroom. Did you know that you do not have to see a person face to face to get to know them, but that it is in the repetition of being in the Chat Room  with person, that actually grows trust ?
Character traits are being submitted if you see them or not. Seeing a persons face does not make a change, it only ads to the picture. When you go to a lot of presentations like I do you become experinced in what a presentation should be all about.

Let me ask you a question....
Would you buy from someone you have never heard of ?

Beaded Jewels ? Who is that ? are getting my point then?
See there are way you can help move things along. In order for you to shine your light on your products, you need to let your light shine on you first.
When you have like 15 or twenty minutes to present, make the first 8 min just about you. Be personal in a save way, Your, first name, your age, are married, do you have children, the state you live in.......keep in mind when you new in the chat room and you have like me your own business let people in to your life, be patient be persistent in showing up.
The statistics say that because our life's are so busy, crammed full with stuff, lots of people as well as vendors have a hard time to keep paying attention. so you want to have a presentation, where they do not want to walk away from the screen. Did you know you can teach other vendors to keep paying attention to your presentation?
Just like you can teach a two year old over the course of one year to sit and listen to a bible story for 8 min. when at the beginning he was able to pay attention for two. It does not happen from today to tomorrow.

Make your presentation interesting, by never having exactly the same presentations. HINT Make yourself a presentation folder with at least 4 or 5 different presentations, unless you have a genious in the chatroom, with extreme memory recall they wont know that you are switching them around, all they hear or read is something new, something fresh. NEVER just copy and paste everything, but throw something in toally spontaneous, which makes you interact with the other vendors or guest that are in the chat room.

The BEST Online events are where the vendors are active and engaged in helping each other out. Asking questions even if they already know the answer it help the vendors feel supported.

Thefore the  other Vendors are NOT your competitors but your PEERS and ALLIES, They are just like you, and if given a chance can become your BEST Resources for information. If you look at them as a competitor ONLY you miss out on Door Opening Opportunities to grow more leads and referrals. By distancing these People you cut yourself off to other information and resources they may know other places that can help you.

You might wonder where I learned all of this....well about 1 /2 years ago......
I stumbled onto this network by chance, but so glad that I found it. It truly is a diamond among all that rubble that is out there, There are so many individuals just trying to get you to sign up to money making schemes and other demoralizing tactics to make the big bux such thing unless you already have the money to start with.
To establish your business it takes in between 1-5 years. In these years we must do everything to get our products, name and logo out there, get people to trust us and sell our products and somehow make a living.

Then I found this network
Homebasedpreneurs is a network with heartwarming business people working at home like I am, or rep for some company. The founder of this network introduced me to Expo-Connector which is a online shopping portal who will give you ample opportunities not only to present your business on a regular basis , but push you along and show you so many avenues how you can expand your business contacts, make friends, who become your customers.
A way to getting business to you website is by chatting about it and informing others what you and your site is all about. This is done in vendor chats where each vendor who signs up get a 10-20 min slot where you can talk about your business, the specials you have etc. This may is a totally new concept to you  as it was for for until 1 1/2 years ago, but a sure way to attract others vendors to your website. In just these 1 1/2 years I went from having a 1000 visitors a month to over 3000 visitors a month from 5000 pagevies to over 12000 pageviews a month.
You not only get to know new people who think likewise, but we also help each other by going shopping on each other’s website.
So come and check it won't regret it. Good chance is you will find me there today.


Lexi Butler
Owner and Creator of  Beaded Jewels since Jan23rd2008

December 09, 2010


The ever prolonging question....did you get all your Christmas Shopping done? Are you all stressed out? Well, I have just the remedy for you. I have a "Last Minute Gifts" E-Flyer for you. All you need to do is download it and of course its free. Several vendor from the Expo including Beaded Jewels each have a clickable pull page ad full with Christmas ideas. So here is the download By the way if you see this button on anyones site, these are participating vendors or friends who are referreing us!  Merry Christmas to all of YOU! Orders have to be shipped out by DEC 14th keep this in mind!

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