May 02, 2012

New Things at Beaded Jewels

It's been a while since I last posted.......but that for a good reason. I have been busy with the Beaded Jewels ~ Everyday Jewels Division which now has been launched. You might wonder what's so special about this new division well....where do you get really exquisite hand crafted jewelry in a price range from $10.17-$39.56?

Of course there is a small catch........well to make hand crafted beaded jewelry that inexpensive all metal used can not be sterling silver anymore. For example take earrings like the one posted here......the ear wires are sterling silver every thing else is non tarnish artistic wire. You see I have been thinking long and hard how to get new buyers for my jewelry.

A lot of people are s kiddish  ( not sure ) if they should order from me, because first...... well Beaded Jewels has not been online that long only since 2008. I am not famous like some other jewelry company names. Secondly there is a lot of competition out there. Once a visitor has bought something on my website......they come back.

Back to the original thought of why I came up with the Division Beaded Jewels~ Everyday Jewels or Jewels for Every day. Well to be absolutely honest with's to lure you and to wow you. If I was not sure of my quality and sure of what I am doing .....I would not. Maybe you stumbled upon my blog here for the first time, either way I want to invite you to visit my website especially my new division Beaded Jewels ~ Jewels for Every Day and be courageous and purchase something.

You know even with the Inexpensive line you get the Beaded Jewels ~Unique Guarantee which is....when you buy a piece you alone have will not be made or sold again. Is this not great. As a certified goldsmith/jewelry designer and self learned beading artist I stand behind all Beaded Jewels Designs and Products 100% +

I hope I convinced you to give Beaded Jewels ~ Not just any beaded jewelry a TRY

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