November 13, 2013

Beaded Jewels ~ New Look

Welcome to Beaded Jewels New Look!
I have been debating for long time whether or not I wanted to do all that work...changing every page on the website and also the Blog! I am long not done...but I am getting there.

First of all I wanted to introduce you the a few of the Division's of  Beaded Jewels. There is of course the main site 

I don't know if you new that I also have a Beading Supply Shop which is named Beaded Jewels ~ Beads and Findings is a source to get rare beads and jewelry supply for under wholesale price. It's a Inventory Reduction Jewelry Supply Shop. You will find it here

  Then you already know about Beaded Jewels & Rose Petal Beads by Design which is a partnership division, because Sandy Reynolds makes the awesome hand rolled rose petal beads and now she even carves them into rose blossom beads and I design  and make the jewelry to it. You will find us here at
There are two more divisions which are equally important, which I will tell you more about once I have designed the LOGO. Everything is still a work a progress, however the site is fully functionable. It does take time to do it right and that's what were doing.

I hope you like the new site!
Don't forget to visit!

Best Regards Lexi

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