July 29, 2013

Scarf Jewels by Beaded Jewels

After 30 years scarfs are making a comeback.
Not too long ago I was approached by a customer of mine who wears a lot of scarves due to medical conditions she had to face years ago and is still living with it today! That's how I first  heard about scarf jewelry or  scarf rings. She send me to Ebay to look at some of the designs to get some ideas.
I ask her what the price limit on scarf jewelry should be. At certain shopping sites they want $40.00 for something unatractive, silver plate and designs that are reproduced in multitude.
My customer is looking for something one of a kind and said she would pay up to $60-$65.00 for something truly unique made by me!

What a compliment.........so I put my designer cap on and went to work. I figured it should be totally unique, sturdy, and of course...sparkly.

From a tutorial which I bought and downloaded  I learned the basic steps of wire-weaving. A true designer never copies someone elses idea but takes it to the  next level and make the design their own, by alternating the design or technique. So thats how I came up with the idea to weave swarovski crystals into the wire-weave, which gives it a totally new cool look. Here in the very first try of  Beaded Jewels  Scarf Jewels I used 14 gauge solid copper wire, 24 gauge silver artistic wire

fuchsia swarovski crystals round and bicones, and oval pink magnetite on sterling silver head pins. The opening  for the silk scarf to be pulled through is about 1/2 inch. I made sure that all wire end are neatly tucked away, and the copper wire ends were rounded off.. The scarf can be pulled through the opening without a second thought of getting hung up. On the other designs of Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels I used 14gauge of copper wire and 22 gauge of silver artisic wire. On the second picture is my model Penelope wearing my green silk scarf to the side. On the third picture Penelope wears the second  Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels with the scarf pulled through the opening from both ends......which almost makes it look like a necklace. The third Design of Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels is for those that just need to be noticed plain and simple......not that you will not get noticed with the other ones...believe me you will....but with this third design you will get even more attention. Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels design #3 just sparkles to no end. It is also the biggest one with a total length of 3 inches and a total width of almost 11/2 inches. It is also the most expensive scarf jewel with $110.98. The last one of the Designs from Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels is totally unique as well, because it is made with organic hand rolled fragrant rose petal beads and  from turquoise jasper and round swarovski crytals..
Also I would like to mention, that many women as well as men are diagnosed with throat cancer and thyroid cancer everyday, and are left left with the irreversible fact of a hole in the throat. Therefore Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels are also going to be made in the awareness of burgundy and crystal for throat cancer awareness and  Thyroid Cancer in blue pink and teal.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article about Beaded Jewels Scarf Jewels! I hope you enjoyed it!

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