May 24, 2013

Short Term Layaway Option at Beaded Jewels & Rose Petal Beads by Design

Beaded Jewels & Rose Petal Beads by Design Rose Petal Bead Jewelry Boutique

We now offer you a Short term layaway opti
more info about our Layaway Option you will find here
on our one of a kind handmade beaded Swarovski Crystal Ball Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets and Rings. Inside each sparkly bead-woven Crystal Ball is one of a kind Organic Rose Petal Bead using the petals of roses to create beads which are mixed and rolled by hand. These precious treasured beads are hidden away by our own designs of bead-woven sparkly Swarovski Crystal Balls. We Offer you one of a kind beaded crystal ball earrings, pendants and bracelets and rings. Our Customers can choose either mildly rose oil fragranted beads on non fragrant rose petal beads for there custom made beaded jewelry.

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