June 20, 2015

Lexi Butler Designs is GROWING!!!!

I am here to announce that not too long ago, Lexi Butler Designs was just a thought!
As you may or may not know I have two other jewelry websites, which proves that I have been in business 7 plus years. The first one I created in 2008 was Beaded Jewels which was later renamed to Beaded Jewels Designs. It only carries one of a kind beaded creations. not cheap I might add.

I believe strongly that an artist as myself grows in their field and often new things and techniques are learned and the focus is shifted. That's what happened to me. I got bit.....by the wire wrapping bug.
I fell in love with it, maybe because it reawakened the desire to work more with metal and not so much with tiny beads. I know that I had to keep these things apart, beading and wire wrapping...two totally different pair of shoes!  So I build a second website, just for my wire wrapped creations. I called it Designer Jewelry BY LB

Over the time I experienced that I only sell to an elite group of people. It took me a while to figure that out, because my pride factor was very high. Don't misunderstand I am an awesome wire wrapper and wire weaver as so many awesome artists out there. You see my work right here. These are all one of a kind creations, never ever to be made again. Some people like that, some, but not many are willing to pay the price, because what is jewelry anyway an adornment......nothing else. Anything can be an adornment.

So many choose to go to Department Stores or even Super markets and get their jewelry there....yuck!!!!!!! It's because they have not seen affordable artisan made jewelry...right??????

WRONG!!!!! You have not checked out LEXI BUTLER DESIGNS have you?????
You would notice that yes all of our jewelry is made designed and made by artisan hands....MY HANDS!!!!! You probably wonder about the low prices and maybe even scratch your head and ask yoursel...how this can be! Simple only if you put others before you and live out your passion for what it is your passion, It is not about the money! That defiles my vision and mission for Lexi Butler Designs!!!!

To offer affordable ( meaning everyone can afford it)  artisan made ( crafted by my hands) to women, men and children of all walks of life . Plain and Simple!!!

Lexi Butler Designs is a Licenesed Direct Sales Company like Avon, but still in small style, and we are growing everyday!
Now is the time to join and get 
NO Quoatas, NO Stock, NO Inventory

Earn 25% commission per sale selling Lexi Butler Designs!
Earn  up to 5% commission over ride on your down line!
Enjoy personal shopping discounts, weekly training and support! 
Our reps enjoy a personalized  product catalogs with link which function just like a website!
Weekly Free Sales Rep Training ~ Facebook Group Support

Join US TODAY!!!!!

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