June 19, 2015

About Lexi Butler and the Birth of Lexi Butler Designs

 I am almost 50 years young, born and raised in the beautiful country of Germany where I grew up in a home-based jewelry business. I studied goldsmith and designs made an apprentice ship and beacame certified as a  goldsmith/jewelry designer with journeyman degree in 1986. I have been living in the United States with Husband and kids since 1996, made my US citizen ship in 2007. 

I got back into the jewelry business in 2008 creating handmade beaded jewelry ( a passion that I never got to live out due to working in my Father's company). So I  build my first website. http://www.beadedjewels.biz  2014 I build a second website which carries all my wire wrapped jewelry. http://www.designerjewelrybylb.com 

The major change happened later on the same year. I was ask to become a featured designer/seller on a brand new Direct Sales Company ( My Abundant Faith) It was very short lived! Anyway, I had to re think everything I did and came up with a affordable artisan made jewelry line! I did not think that was possible, because artisan made jewelry is made by hand and therefor pretty expensive. I prayed first about it, and God opened a door, I did not know even existed. All I knew was making one of a kind jewelry. So the company I had joined grew very fast it overwhelmed the owner with costs so they closed down! 

There I was, I had a complete new artisan made copper/sterling silver/ jewelry line and affordable. I build the Lexi Butler Designs website is just under 1 week! Yes, I give God all the honor, glory and praise....I could have never pulled that off by myself. I know God is my co creator! So assured in what I was suppose to do I licensed my business name and got a direct sales license. I am now the proud owner and CEO of Lexi Butler Designs.  When I published the website and told my friends /customers....some of them joined and became VIP Founding Sales Reps. 
We have 32 Sales reps now since we opened the doors Feb 21st 2015. I am planning to revolutionize the Direct Sales Industry with my Mission to offer Artisan Made Jewelry Made Affordable ! I hope much more will join us!

As long as I possibly can I will do everything myself! I do everything from managing the website, keep track on commissions/sales ( I designed a pretty good system in Excel) to designing personalized catalogs for each sales rep in publisher and of course design all jewelry and artisan make them. I just recently published two videos on youtube which are getting a lot of hits. One is a recruiter video the other is a educational video of my work!
If you are as psyched up as I am why not join Lexi Butler Designs as a Sales Rep!!!! 

What Does Lexi Butler Designs offers me?????

NO Quoatas, NO Stock, NO Inventory

Earn 25% commission per sale selling Lexi Butler Designs!
Earn  up to 5% commission over ride on your down line!
Enjoy personal shopping discounts, weekly training and support! 
Our reps enjoy a personalized  product catalogs with link which function just like a website!
Weekly Free Sales Rep Training ~ Facebook Group Support

Lexi Butler Designs is a Direct Sales Company with a ground breaking new concept. We offer handcrafted faith based artisan made  jewelry and accessories  to women, men and children from all walks of life to very affordable prices.  All jewelry and  accessories are designed and created  with impeccable quality in craftsmanship  by the artisan Lexi Butler

Our Promise to Our Customers is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee backed by our one year Full Refund if completely not satisfied

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