April 12, 2011

Custom Made Designs at Beaded Jewels

Beaded Jewels -My Atelier
Where my Creations are born
Today, I would like to invite you to come and take a look at my Atelier, where most of the creative ideas about new jewelry designs come to materialize. Not always though, often I dream about them and then you will find me in my workshop early in the morning most of the times still in my PJ's ( oh the joy from working at home) and of course with a big mug of hot steaming coffee. Often I find ideas out in nature or just walking down the street. I am in the habit now of constantly having at least one piece of paper and a pencil or pen with me so I can draw the designs that come to my mind  on paper and have a visual when I am back home. Often these ideas come and go. 
 So when you click on the link under picture it will take you to my Custom Design Gallery where I have displayed some of the custom designs I have made over the years. After you visited my custom design gallery I also would like to invite you to read the customer comments and testimonials from Beaded Jewels Customers. You will find the link under the Custom design Gallery. If you consider contacting me for a custom made design order, than  be assured I always work with dilegence and 100% customer satifaction in mind. We will work together on a one on one basis and we most likely will become friends in the process. I am a certified goldsmith/jewelry designer and beading artist and as such I look forward to being challenged by your ideas and expectations. Many have put their trust and confidence in Beaded Jewels and have come back for more custom made designs.
As always enjoy your Visit at Beaded Jewels
Be Blessed
Lexi Butler

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