April 08, 2011

Can Networking be mixed with Marketing?

Can Networking be mixed with Marketing?

As a website business owner it is absolutely crucial, to get new customers to my site constantly.
There are immense recourses out there that need to be tapped into, but it takes a little clever maneuvering. You probably ask yourself:” What is she talking about?”
Well I am talking about Social Networking…………….!

Beaded Jewels Exquisite Designs

I tried many ways to get my beautiful jewelry designs noticed. One way was chat rooms. Chat rooms are the right way if you have a product that is known to all like Avon for instance. Almost everyone has heard of them or Mary K . Have you heard of Beaded Jewels? Hmm………thought so.

So I tried chat rooms did not work too well for me, I had some biz there, but that was because I had known the people for a while and they trusted me enough to take that huge step and buy from me.

You will never be disappointed in my products or customer service, I am old school and believe in 100% Customer Satisfaction and exquisite craftsmanship.

“Did you catch that word I mentioned just two sentences ago?” Trust, they trusted me!!! And why did they trust me ? They got to know me through having spend time together online with me

Where would be a place like that online………hmm……oh yeah……..duh… FACEBOOK! NING networks are also excellent for that and of course Twitter, my Space and of course there are many others, but also a Blog like that.

Beaded Jewels -Unique Custom Designed Rivoli Swarovski Crystal Rings
 Facebook however is the ultimate platform for getting new customers. How do you ask ? You know there is no direct marketing, meaning if you8 get caught….you could get banned.

Now there are many forms of marketing . There is the offensive form that’s like that.

Custom Designed Large Rivoli Swarovski Crystal Rings

”Hey come to my website at http://www.beadedjewels.biz/rivoli_rings.php and buy a beautiful Huge Rivoli Swarovski Crystal Ring starting only at $62.75 ”

Then there is the posting form that goes like that:

Custom Designed Large Rivoli Swarovski Crystal Rings

Breathtakingly beautiful are these sparkly hand-made bead-woven rings with Rivoli Swrovski Crystal, which are only held in place by a unique beaded net out of swarovski crystals ea 4mm and Delica or Toho tube beads . The beaded band which is attached to the crown is made out of Delica tube beads. The tiny sz15 beads decorate the outside of the rings band.

The ring crown measure very close to 1 1/8 inch in width and 1/2 in hight. The ring band is 1/2 inch wide.

Enjoy your visit at Beaded Jewels. If you like what you see please do share.

This is the method that I go by. I post to inform not to push.

Being the social monster that I am I like to talk. A rule of thumb for me is that I wait on facebook till people want to befriend me. Then I know for sure that people want to have contact with me and sooner or later I will find out if they contact me for friendship or because they have seen pictures my jewelry designs on someone else profile.

Bead-Woven Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelets for Moms

Anyway since Facebook is a social network, I take the time to make friendships and maintain them, by talking to my friends, and letting them into my life. Investing in friendship, can not only be good for your business, but is also very good for you. A friendship is an invisible bond, and if your friend trusts you and loves your product , where do they think they will go when they in need of it?

Motherhood Jewels-One of a Kind Swrovski Crystal

 Birthstone Bracelets for Moms

That’ right they will knock on your door. That’s how I got many orders from Facebook and continue to get, because people also find out a lot of things, like that I am a fun person to be around, with a great sense of humor, I don’t gossip, I am a great listener….. all this you will discover if you befriend me on facebook. I know this may be a taboo subject for many of my readers, but I will also pray for you and ask you to pray for me. Through friend ship you can find great support when you go through hardships in life and you know you will one sometime in life.

Well I think I just scratched at the surface that is absolute possible to mix social networking with marketing.

I really like to know your thoughts on that subject.

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