April 23, 2011

Beaded Jewels Fabulous Toe-Rings

 Beaded Jewels Foot Jewelry Division features an exquisite Collection of Unique,  Beaded,Trendy Woven and Wire-Wrapped beaded bracelets for ankles, ankle bracelets, anklets. One of a Kind Affordable Custom Made Beaded Toe Rings Jewelry Designs for all occasions.
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Anyway I am probably not the only person, that can not have anything between there toes, because it either tickles or rubs. You know how that can drive you crazy, especially if the toe-ring is silver plated or contains nickel.
I have a nickel allergy so you will not find any jewelry containing even the hint of nickel. There is something else you won't find at Beaded Jewels- metal toe rings. Nope, they are bead-woven.......why well because that is the only way to trick my toes into believing, that they are not wearing any toe-rings when they are.

How did I do this? Well, one day I was playing around with tiny delica tube-beads, which are one of the finest beads to work with (in my book anyway) and I had woven a band, stared playing with it, put it around my fingers, my wrist and then my toes. Guess what......my toes did not subject. They could not feel a thing. The toe-rings are completely flat........and looked boring too.

Right now they were just a band around the toe. I am the sparkly kind of girl. The thing is when swarovski cristals sit to tight on your skin they can irritate and even cut you, because of the exact cutting patterns. By the way there is no one like it. That's how you can tell you have a real original Austrian Swarovski Crystal by the exact cut and brilliance in colours.

So what I did I en caged three swarovski Crystal in delica tube beads and then I weaved it into the band. The Beaded Jewels Toe-Ring was born.

After having made and sold several I am now to the point where I can whip them out within 15min from start to finish. You can find the toe rings here

Something else that I thought would be a very important factor is "SUMMER" which means sunscreen. When else would you want to show of your toes.......right in spring and summer. So to be able to keep your toe rings nice they obviously need to be washable with a soft toothbrush and plain (no bleach) Dawn to bring back the shine when the toe-rings should dare be goo ed up with sunscreen.

That's not all.......should they not also be swim fest?
I though they should be......so yes its OK to take them swimming, not in chlorinated water of course, but when one goes to a lake or take a shower.

Since the Toe rings can be made in any colour combination and in any size, and also can be worn on your fingers as well, these little gorgeous beaded accessories are a definite "Must Have" for all non metal toe-ring lover'sI have many different colour combinations available, but I can't have all, so if you want me to make you a toe-ring in your colours contact me at http://www.beadedjewels.biz.contact.php and we get the stone rolling. The price will be the same as it is listed on the website at the Beaded Jewels  Foot jewelry page.

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Lexi Butler


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