December 04, 2010


Other Vendors Are Not Your Competition

The thing I see at MOST Party sites and places is the ME, ME, Me Mentality

These People do not get it that an Event is a GROUP Effort and they are not there to Support the other vendors but rather get a sale no holds barred in some cases.

The BEST Online events are where the vendors are active and engaged in helping each other out. Asking questions even if they already know the answer it help the vendors feel supported.

The other Vendors are NOT your competitors but your PEERS and ALLIES, They are just like you, and if given a chance can become your BEST Resources for information. If you look at them as a competitor ONLY you miss out on Door Opening Opportunities to grow more leads and referrals. By distancing these People you cut yourself off to other information and resources they may know other places that can help you.

I stumbled onto this network http;//homebasedpreneurs.ning .com by chance, but so glad that I found it. It truely is a diamond among all that rubble that is out there, There are so many individuals just trying to get you to sign up to money making schemes and other demoralizing tactics to make the big bux such thing unless you already have the money to start with.

To establish your business it takes in between 1-5 years. In these years we must do everything to get our products, name and logo out there, get people to trust us and sell our products and somehow make a living.

Would you buy from someone you have never heard of ?

Beaded Jewels ? Who is that ? are getting my point then?

You probably have fallen on your face once or twice in making a costly decision for your business, I know I have and I am pretty burned because of it. Does this mean I am going to give up? NO WAY!!!

Then I found this network

Homebasedpreneurs is a network with heartwarming business people working at home like I am, or rep for some company. The founder of this network introduced me to Expo-Connector which is a online shopping portal who will give you ample opportunities not only to present your business on a regular basis , but push you along and show you so many avenues how you can expand your business contacts, make friends, who become your customers.

A way to getting business to you website is by chatting about it and informing others what your site is all about. This is done in vendor chats where each vendor who signs up get a 10-30 min slot where you can talk about your business, the specials you have etc. this is a totally new concept to me and maybe to others as well, but a sure way to attract others vendors to your website. this is why I decided to do vendor chats on my website as well, because it works.

You not only get to know new people who think likewise, but we also help each other by going shopping on each other’s website.

So come and check it won't regret it. Good chance is you will find me there.


Lexi Butler

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