July 04, 2015

My Mission

I am the owner/CEO of the  online Direct Sales Company Lexi Butler Designs at http://www.lexibutlerdesigns.com 
I launched my company on Feb 21st 2015.

The mission behind my company is to offer affordable  artisan made jewelry to women men and children of all walks of life. ( Artisan made means crafted by hand, you will find nothing inexpensive that is truly crafted by hand due to it being made by hand and hand tools. Well I am here to change that as a true artist holding a journeyman's degree in goldsmith and jewelry design since 1986. Designing jewelry and creating it is my passion, its what I live for. It is what I breathe. A talent or being gifted with something is a gift from God. I figure if I make jewelry my style of jewelry affordable people will come. God has blessed me greatly with designs in my dreams. 

I am proud to say that most of my 35 sales reps are my customers going back 4 plus years  to after I had started to get back in business in 2008 after raising children. I am still looking for about 120 more  Lexi Butler Designs sales rep to get a good base together. 
I hope you check out my website, which I also designed and build  within a week. 
Here is a video I made about my company on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5wbgNFfqRE
This is just to give you more info about what I do! I also made another video where I demonstrate how I make one of my original designs necklaces.

Best Regards
Lexi Butler
Owner/CEO Lexi Butler Designs

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