October 22, 2011

Beaded Jewels Complete Makeover

                                                     Hello dear Fans of Beaded Jewels!
       Some of you have been Beaded Jewels Customers for almost 4 four years. I just wanted to thank you for being faithful customers as well as friends. If you have come to my site lately at http://www.beadedjewels.biz you may even find yourself wondering if you are indeed at the right site. Everything is changing even the LOGO. Yes, I find that I have outgrown the boring purple banner and are ready to showcase some of my best work on my new banner which I designed myself.

The reason why I decided to redesign my website completely - meaning all 230 pages + is because I had my website evaluated and the conclusion of this evaluation was that I needed to redesign it and make it more appealing not boring. Furthermore you will find once the website  its completely done  that it'sway easier to navigate and you will not get lost anymore and that is due to the vertical navigation bar that contains all the links to the product page divisions.

Also there is now an end in site on any page which means each page is now a lot shorter and therefore are many more pages to look at. The pages are not cluttered with Logos and banners anymore which some of you probably found pretty distracting. The images are limited  on each page which means even on dial up the pages will load a lot faster.

I am totally exited about this change and I hope you will to. Please be patient it will take the whole next week to complete the process of changing every page and adding more.

Best Regards
Lexi Butler

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