May 23, 2011

What About Discipline???

This is for absolute anybody who is a home based biz owner or works at home. We ...have a great supportive network and great people who just can't wait to meet you.
Dear Fellow Homebased Entrepreneurs, and all others who are interested!!!

I have been wrecking my brain, of how we can meet at the chatroom all at the same time. I made a schedule of all workshops, chats, biz opportunities that we have going on in our network . So here is a link to a pdf download which you need to print out.

I also would like to invite you to come to the chatroom (if you have not bookmarked that page yet please do so) on Wednesday 25 2011 at 11am EST. to my workshop will be part of the Monday Morning Breakfast Chat titled "What about Discipline"? In this workshop we will learn how to become a disciplined homebased biz owner and keeper of your castle without, fogetting to do things, living with regrets, notime for self etc.

I hope to see you all and meet those who are new to our network in our next scheduled Chat!

to your Success

best Regards

Lexi Butler

Owner and Creator of Beaded Jewels

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momof2 said...

I love your mask of awareness!

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