February 22, 2011

Free Beaded Jewels Bracelets of Hope

Free Gift for you meaning an original Beaded Jewels Bracelet of Hope Basic Style 7inches including $7.65 Priority shipping ins and tracking up to $35.00 free for you if you REGISTER as a XanGo(tm) member and ORDER an ADP of juice (which can be changed with a simple phone call the following months) you can check the Beaded Jewels Bracelets out here at http://beadedjewels.biz/bracelets_of_hope_sold.html we invite you to read some of the testimonials of the 83 Bracelets thats have been sold.

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I met Lexi on Face Book and through our exchanges of business info. She has become a wonderful, helpful friend as we have traveled the roads. I have found her jewelry and business practices to be top notch and very credible. She leaves nothing unturned when it comes to her services.

We have joined hands in the fight for better health and awareness. For the last 6-7 years my eldest son fought cancer. It started in his leg which had to be amputated. It then spread to his lungs. He went through many painful procedures battling this terrible disease. He was quite a trooper and never complained. The last 2 months, his wife and 2 daughters cared for him round the clock. This was a very trying time for them. He gave up the fight December 28th, 2010 at the age of 56. I will miss him greatly with his sense of humor and big smile, but I am so happy to know that he is no longer in pain and with the Lord. He accepted the Lord as his personal Savior as a young boy.

It is because of him and many, many people that are suffering from cancer and all sorts of diseases that drives me to want to inform others of the possibility of what the Mangosteen juice can do for them. Did it help my son? Yes, it did, but for some unknown reason he chose not to continue on with Mangosteen after he had a completely clear body scan. We never found out why he did not. We will never know. We think he may have thought he had it licked completely, but you need to keep up your immune system with cancer. This saddens me the most. But, I know he is not the only one that has been helped with the Mangosteen juice. There are others that have been brought back from Stage 4 cancers. That is why my desire is to help others before it is too late. To be able to help just one more person will make my loss that much more bearable.

It all starts with your immunity. What have you got to lose? Your health? Your life?

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