January 10, 2011

Beaded Jewels Absense-VERY ILL DAUGHTER

Dear friends,
You might have wondered where I am, at this time. I have a very ill daughter . Helen my 12 year old was dignosed with a 9mm big pineal cyst which sits on the pineal glad which sits right under the brain, meaning well protected. We found this cyst through an MRI that was orderd by the gastrologist which we were refered to by the pediatrician. because all tests came back negative, he concluded that there is nothing wrong with her stomach, because at that time we only had one symptom which was nausea. Any way now diagnosed through this MRI is this cyst which is mostlikely pushing on the spinal fluid is most likely the cause for her severe nausea , headaches and weightloss that habe been increasing since begin of october. We are 80% sure that cyst is not malignant, due to its nature of having no dicolouration or patterns, it seems to be just fluid filled. This diagnosis however came from a gastrologist, who really does not have anything to with the brain. So now were are scheduled to see the Neurologist Brain Specialist on Feb 9th. Since yesterday the nausea meds which cost $20.00 is not effective anymore. We are now trying our damnest to get a sooner appointment at the Brain specialist. As so many families these days we have no health insurance, or so I applied for help from the state again and again. To no avail, the medical bills are already in the $1000s. We are not giving up and knocking on any door thats opens, we figure if we become a pest they will deal with us.

Here is a picture of where the cyst is located to get a better understanding

So this is my family's situation, thats why I am not present at the moment or change my profile.
Best Regards
Lexi Butler


All incomes through purchases made at Beaded Jewels are going to go towards the medical bills. Beaded Jewels remains open and will not close.

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