July 08, 2010

Busy Hands

My hands are busy through the day.
I don't have much time to play.
The little games you ask me to,
I don't have much time to do.
I wash your cloth, fold them,
cook and sew, and many other things
which are unknown to you that I do,
and oh yeah my business I am building that too.

My Hands are busy sometimes throughout the night,
but you won't know,you lie down to sleep you turn of your light.
Often I watch you sleep,
I look at you, almost fully grown now,
where not to long ago layed a baby helpless and sweet.

My hand are always busy it seems,
Sometimes I wish I could go back and do
the little things you ask me to.

By Lexi Butler

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Anonymous said...

That is such a great thing you are doing.

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