April 21, 2010

The Legwork Behind My Home Based Biz- Beaded Jewels

I choose to be an home-based entrepreneur, because I wanted to be available to my kids when they come out of school and because I want to be in dependable and my own boss. Furthermore, I would like my business to be my children's legacy.

If you want become an entrepreneur you have to have a passion. I define passion as something that you love to do, not only in the good days, but also on the not so good days, not only from 8am to 5pm but from 6am -11pm six days a week. Your passion is what carries you and keeps you going through the rough spots.

Another two important things that is absolutely needed is patience and endurance. Patience is needed because it takes 1-3 years to get your business established and made known, and endurance you need when times get tough and they will. Especially if you do not see an income but only have expenses.

It is easy to give up your dream and your independence for a steady 8-5 job. But just remember, that your boss right now probably had the same thoughts,in the beginning state of their business, but kept going and succeeded.

What I am telling you now is what I have learned from my own experience, dedication, determination and willpower.

Once you have decided on the product or service you want to do and you are passionate about it time to let the world know. A good way to do that is to go to local craft shows, markets, bazaars, home show to
a.......get your name out
b...... your products or services
and c...your face

These three things can be very important for the growth of your home based biz.

During my many vendor shows I attended over the course of four years I was asked a
lot of times if I have a website.

Therefore I decided this would be the next step.
I had no idea how to do that. So one day end of November 2007 I searched for free down loadable website builders and downloaded the first that popped up.

Do not let that blank screen that is staring you in the face discourage you!!!
I first read all tutorials and tips and hints and started to build my website.

I worked at building my first website for several weeks. I bought my domain www.beadedjewels.biz
My business Beaded Jewels http://www.beadedjewels.biz/ was born and launched Jan 23rd 2008. I was thrilled when I got 96 visitors that month and thought for real that's all I had to do and I would soon be rich. That's how green I was!

It is always a good idea when you join your web builders forum.
There you can learn a lot of things that has to do with building a successful website.

OK Now you have build a website.

And now the real work begins.

Now you need to get visitors to come to your website.

That means you have to pave the way and mark so the people can find it.

Now before I get into detail I would like you to know that it is only from my experience that I am telling you this.

A lot of home based biz end up as a website just like mine...why
because this is the greatest Market
but with 750 billion websites out there this can become quiet difficult to get noticed
no 1
Find your keywords that are relevant to your website...means what are the most popular words they would use to find your site?
For example I am a certified jewelry designer beading artist with an exquisite line of beaded jewelry and accessories so my keywords are therefore.....beaded jewelry, beaded bracelets, beaded necklaces, beaded earrings, beaded sterling silver jewelry....etc.
Google offers a great tools for the web site builder.

No. 2
Create a links directory on your site and search out sites that are relevant to yours and contact them for link exchanges.
The means you create a little write up attracting people to
your site.
For example this is one of my write ups for link exchanges:

Title: Beaded Jewels
Description: We offer exquisite custom made handcrafted
beaded jewelry and accessories to women, teens and children. All jewelry is handmade in the US by the jewelry designer and beading artist Lexi Butler.
URL: http://www.beadedjewels.biz/
email this out to as many as you can find....all they can say is no Presidency is the key
No. 3

Join Social Networks like Ning, My Space, Facebook,
Twitter....and meet people, advertise your stuff in designated areas most of all network with others really get to know them....rather make a handful good biz connection , that having 100 of friends not knowing anything about them.

No. 4
Start a Blog there are many blogging websites where you can journal and advertise, write about you, personal stuff whatever.....
I have a Blog on Blooger, Wordpress and typepad.
My Main Blog is at http://handcraftedjewels.blogspot.com
which I have also linked to my website, and my Blog is also
accessible trough the "Us" Tab on my website.
so its a good thing to link it to each other
cause if they like what they read they come visit your site too

Write Articles, Give Interviews, Make You tube Videos all these are very important factors in reaching a wider crowd of people.
and again getting getting your name your companies name and your products out there.
Sell your products or services on different FREE online
storefronts like. Ansak.com, Ecrater,Shopit
are just a few ones where you can sell your stuff.

If you open these storefronts after or even before you launch your website they will be running on the side in the background and it also gives to possibilities to be found there and sell stuff
they will age just like your website will get older
the older your website is the more confident are people and buy from you
Also Craig's List is another source where you can sell.
Also you got to be careful there if it sounds to them like an ad they ban it

Join a social marketing network like the SBRN -Small
Business Referral Network
and EXPO Chat-connector.
Learn how to present yourself and your biz in vendor chatrooms like ours.
Learn valuable things you need to know to grow your biz, meet people that are at home just like you, network, get customers.....etc.
In a network like this which is not only a social network but also a marketing network you will find the help needed to give your biz the push it needs to get known.
Last but not least......Customer testimonials. This might be a difficult task, because most of the times its hard to get the customer to respond, so make it worth while.
For example I offer my customers with a biz to put their link under their testimonials and I link back to their site. Hardly anyone one with a biz can refuse that offer.

I became a homebased entrepreneur in Jan.2008
My biz is now in its third year. I went from 94 visitors a month to 3000 visitors a month with a steady increase.
Last year I topped over 25659 visitors and over half of them were unique visitors.
Keep in mind that there are plus 750 Billion websites are out there.

It is easy to give up your dream and your independence for a steady 8-5 job. But just remember, that your boss right now probably had the same thoughts,in the beginning state of their business, but kept going and succeeded.
A very important factor is that you keep educating yourself.
The website you see now is not the same one I started of with.
I bought a new web builder, developed my Company Logo, my setup my image on the web.

If you have a passion or developing a passion for something go for it and let nothing stop you.
Email me if you need more info or have questions to beadedjewels@beadedjewels.biz
ad me to your YIM beaded_jewels36
I love to chat with other biz owner or biz to be owners.
please also visit website at

I love to hear your thoughts, so share them with me.
Respectfully yours
Lexi Butler

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