August 26, 2009


That is a post for all the WAHMS out there
Well I think its pretty need less to say that I get up bright and early in the morning. I am not complaining.....I like it. Thats when my mind is the freshest very early in the morning when its still quiete enough for my designer mind to get to work. There is no pressure.....but a hot steaming fresh cup of coffee, a piece of paper and a pen. Yes, I work in my PJ' can do that when you work at home especially when everyone is still asleep. By the time I have to wake up my children, for them to get ready for school and my hubby for work I have already worked two hours and I am ready for a small break....breakfast with my teens. I get to push them out the door so they won't miss the bus . I kiss hubby good bye and off to works he goes.

Now it's just me and the cats......which are now longingly looking at me to have there little " run behind the string" game.

Than comes the part I don't like.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cleaning. I try to get this all done before 9 am. Then I sit down with another cup of hot steaming coffee and figure out whats for dinner.

Yeap I know its still early, but it works for me....and you got to do what ever works for you. So then, I check the food and snack supply. Teens are always hungry. Thank God for Costco........ and all the ready to heat and eat big packages of supply.

BTW I am still in my PJ'
No I am not one of the moms that go shopping in PJ' german herritage won't allow that......but I have been seen going to the mail box in

Anyway.....ahhhhhhhh it's time to check emails and chatting on Yahoo seeing whats going on in the chats at the EXPO my favorite chatroom I put that link there just in case you feel like chatting with me or other moms or dads.

As you see now there is not a boring minute in my day. I am an entrepreneur who does it all. I am the webmaster of my website, photograph of all the jewelry I design and handcraft, I am the bookeeper.......ahhhh hate this part, custom service, secretary,

I am the boss of it all....thats why I am doing it...and because I love to work and have my own schedule. I see my hubby at lunch and greet my children when they come home exhausted from their day, I have a snack ready for them and time for them.

There is never any rush, because all orders are done before they get home.

After dinner ( with hubby and kids ) and homework I go back to work until sometimes late at night.
I do what I love and love what I do and would not change a thing.

I am a true WAHM.
Lexi Butler
Beaded Jewels

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Anonymous said...

I'm a work at home mother, of my small business Sakin's Natural Glow, and I can relate to the Lexi's schedule etc, but just as Lexi stated here, I would not change anything, I love being my on boss.

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